Virtual Language Training in Asia | Virtual Language Learning in Asia
  • Our Online Public and Private Group Offers:

    Live Online Classess

    Lingua Learn provides a new dimension for organisations and individuals who wish to learn a new language by using our virtual platform. This is perfect for those who work remotely or who do not want the inconvenience of traveling to and from a classroom.

    Our online platform offers secure training with several tools that enhance your learning experience; these include recording classes and saving them for later viewing. There is no need to download an application or software; just use the Google Chrome browser.

    The online classes will be conducted live with the teacher present, just like face-to-face classrooms, ensuring the same interaction and energy of the in-person classroom.

    Online classroom can help students:

    achieve their learning goals in the office, at home, or anywhere with internet access

    eliminate travel time and expenses associated with traditional instruction

    learn quickly and effectively with private, semi-private, or group lessons

    CEFR Certification

    All individuals will receive a report and certification of their competency at the international standard CEFR Level (Central European Framework Reference)

    How Does It Work?

    The students can connect to the online classroom from their home, office or any place that has a dependable internet connection by using a tablet, iPad or even a smartphone.

    We have live technical support in case of any issues. The team can see your teacher, use the chat box for spelling or writing, see the whiteboard, etc.

    What Language and Level
    Are Available?

    All CEF (Central European Framework) levels are available from
    A1 - C2 in the following Languages

    Course Materials

    Digital materials
    Playback of all live sessions (if required)

    What do you require?

      A desktop or laptop computer with webcam or tablets, ipads or smartphones

      Internet access – minimum 56k

      Headset comprised of headphones and a microphone

    Course options

    Easy, flexible, and engaging language learning. Choose from a wide range of course options; from classroom to online, we have something suited for every language learner.

    Language classes are taught by our experienced instructors, using immersion methods to lead you to speak a language in minimal time.


    Course fully customised to fit your personal learning needs. Flexible delivery – you decide the schedule.

    Corporate Group Courses

    Interactive & dynamic. Perfect for practising with other learners. With up to 16 learners per class. Timing to suit your organisation

    Kids/Teens Courses

    Fun, interactive and engaging lessons, for ages 7 years-16 years. Delivered in small family group or individually to ensure individual attention. You decide the schedule.

    Duo Learning

    Tailor-made sessions for you and your friends. Up to 3 learners. Flexible delivery - you decide the schedule.

    Public course

    Join one of our public courses online and meet new friends from around the world! Public groups available in English, Arabic, Spanish, French, Italian and German.

    Family group

    Study together as a family, up to 5 family members per group; spend dedicated time together as family whilst learning a new language online.

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