Virtual Assessment for Personal Individuals in Asia
  • Online Assessment
    for Individuals

    If you require an accurate official certification of your language competency,
    Lingua Assess has the service for you.

    Online assessment; then results sent to you

    One of our qualified assessors will conduct the online assessment. You will receive the result and certification with your Central European Framework (CEFR) Level. We also provide a feedback report for your test with recommendations regarding language skill's development. This is useful for those seeking to reach competency levels for professional, academic or visa-status requirements (e.g. IELTS for university entry).

    Simply book your required assessment via the link below, choose your schedule for your internet assessment (approx. 30 -60 minutes) and you will receive confirmation and a zoom link within 24 hours.

    The assessment test can measure
    any of the below competencies


    You will receive a report and recommendation for future language improvements and a certificate of competency.

    Option 1: Spoken Assessment
    Name of participant Date Overall Grade Speaking Comments
    • Pronunciation: you could generally be understood throughout, though mispronunciation of individual words or sounds reduced clarity at times.
    • Grammar: Used a mix of simple and complex structures, but with limited flexibility and made frequent mistakes with complex structures, though these rarely caused comprehension problems.
    Option 2: 2 skills (Spoken and Written)
    Name of participant Date Overall Grade Oral Score Speaking Comments
    XXXXXX XXXXXXXXX XX/XX/XX A2.2 A2.2 A2.2 Speaking:
    • cannot respond without noticeable pauses and may speak slowly, with frequent repetition and self-correction
    • produced basic sentence forms with reasonable accuracy
    • uses a limited range of more complex structures, but these usually contained errors and caused some comprehension problems
    • presented some main ideas but these were difficult to identify and were repetitive, irrelevant or not well supported
    • used only basic vocabulary which was used repetitively or was inappropriate for the task
    Option 3: full 4 skills report
    Student’s Name:
    xxx xxxxxxx
    Program Type:
    Private Assessment
    Overall Grade:

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